Bespoke hospitality solutions for your business.

We get hospitality, you get accelerated results.


The hospitality industry is one that is very rewarding and incredibly challenging at the same time. At Cobalt Hospitality Group we understand what it takes to impress your guests, while maintaining a healthy bottom line at the same time. In this ever changing market, it has become harder and harder to achieve both of those goals. We get hospitality. You get accelerated results.

Service Highlights

Operational Deep Dive

Is your company losing market share, or having trouble controlling labour, food cost and other operating expenses? We specialize in providing operational audits and solutions for future growth.

Leadership & Service Training

The word service has significant meaning to many people. We help develop custom training manuals, seminars and coaching so that delivering excellent service becomes second nature to your team.

Financial Development

In this challenging landscape, financial acumen is as important as the guest experience. Cobalt Hospitality can deliver financial courses on a number of topics, from food cost control to inventory management.

With over 20 years of experience ranging from restaurants, hotels, retail and private clubs, the team at Cobalt can create a custom solution for your business needs.