Below you will find a list of our service offerings. Have questions about a custom package for your business? Click here to contact us!

Operational Deep Dive

Hospitality operations can be challenging. Is your company losing market share, or having trouble controlling labour, food cost and other operating expenses? Cobalt Hospitality will provide detailed operational audits, identify where your problem areas exist and provide solutions for future growth.

Financial Development

In this challenging landscape, financial acumen is as important as the guest experience. Cobalt Hospitality can deliver financial courses on the following topics: profit and loss statement management, labour cost, food cost control, beverage cost and inventory management, maximizing your menu mix and menu development.

Business Development Plans

Working with you and your teams to not only create development plans but to have the team buy into them is our priority. We teach you and your team what makes a successful plan and show them how to create their own in the future.

Turnaround and Recovery

The beauty of an operation is that it can be turned around. Success can be discovered with hard work, tenacity and a fresh set of eyes. Cobalt Hospitality has numerous years of experience in turning operations into profitable and popular destinations. We work with you to identify, areas of need and improvement and we stand by the rule what we do now will affect us six months from now in the operation.

Social Media & PR

Having a key social media presence that engaging and appeals to your target audience is key. We understand that at Cobalt Hospitality. We help create, develop and socialize your social media presence and public relations.

Human Resources

Human capital one of the most if not they most important part to any hospitality operation. At Cobalt Hospitality we help train and coach interview techniques, what to look for in a candidate, how to attract, retain and keep top talent.


Analytics is no longer the future of business acumen it is becoming the norm. We help companies understand their data and to use it to their advantage when making business decisions.

Concept Development

Getting started is one of the most difficult things in life. We help cultivate your dream and make it a reality. Calling on over 15 years of experience we can help guide your new venture from concept to an operating entity.

Service Training and Leadership

The word service carries a significant meaning to people. We believe in delivering a service where your guests have no choice but to return and tell others about their experience – it’s not as simple as it sounds. We help develop custom training manuals, seminars and coach your team so that providing excellent service becomes second nature.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

From corporate retreats, advisory committees, board meetings, or University/College lectures, at Cobalt Hospitality we assist in various speaking engagements on topics that have an effect on your business, government, education and society as a whole.

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